Fengshui, widely used by the Chinese for thousands of years is still relevant today. This scientific study, when used correctly brings about a change in the environment and person that greatly enhances one’s luck and fortune.

Annual Prediction of 2024 Based On Numerology and Fengshui Elements

Annual Prediction of 2024 Based On Numerology And Fengshui Elements Prediction for 2024Prediction of the year is done using 2 parts, the first is to use numerology and the second is to use the Chinese 5 elements to determine.Based on Numerology, 2024 derived a number 8 and this represents stress,…

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Jade in Fengshui

  Jade in Fengshui Jade is believed through millennia in China to be the stone of protection, empowerment and beauty. It was the stone of choice to create the Jade seal of the emperors and officials, heirlooms and adornment for the rich and powerful. Jade ultimately is regarded as the…

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Jade And Its Uses

Jade- What is it? Jade is a mineral used by various cultures in the East and West for jewelry and ornaments. It is mostly known for its green  varieties although various colours can be found. The following are a list of colours.   White Jade   Blue Jade   Red…

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Annual Prediction for Year 2021

Annual Prediction for Year 2021 I have been doing #Annual #Prediction since 2013 and we have come to 2021. I have been trying hard to come up with prediction of 2021 but due to the increasing influence of the Lower 9th Earth Cycle, I have quite a bit of uncertainty to deal with.…


Feng Shui way to support your health immediately

Fengshui Way To Support Your HealthWell, in this time of heightened Covid-19 outbreak, we really do not have anything to fight against this scourge. Governments have initiated social-distancing and many have gone to the extent of total lockdown. Businesses suffer, people stuck at home suffers, in fact the whole world…

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Hungry Ghost Festival- What precautions to take note

General Information This Seventh Month Ghost prayer actually started as a Buddhist practice and was later adopted by the Taoist and transformed into the Seven Lunar Month Ghost festival.By right this is to pray to all deceased who has reincarnated into the ghost realm, however, for Taoist practice it is for…

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Feng Shui 5 Elements Colours and Shapes

Hi there, let’s get back to the Feng Shui 5 Elements again and further explore what colour and shape the 5 Elements represent.嗨,让我们再次回到风水五行,进一步探索五行代表的颜色和形状。COLOURSIn Chinese Metaphysics, colour and  shape plays an important role, be it in Feng Shui or Remedies, Season, organs etc….The application is seriously wide, can you think of…

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The Feng Shui 5 Elements

 The cornerstone of Chinese Metaphysics and Traditional Chinese Medicine has always been the 5 elements, namely Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal.The balance of the 5-elements denotes a balance of the body and thereby leading to a balanced life and health.The 5-Elements are interdependent on each other and any excess or…

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风水与爱情 3

看华文版? 请点击! 风水提示吸引爱情和浪漫进入你的生活 嗨!欢迎回来。 我们现在已经到达”吸引爱情和浪漫进入你生活风水小贴士” 3部系列的最后部分。 上周,我们研究可能影响卧室风水的卧室装饰,装饰品和电子产品。 今天,我们将继续讨论卧室风水的其他方面。 浴室风水 13. 卧室内的连接浴室 对于一个单身者,有连接浴室其实有一些好处,特别是浴室门面向着你的床,因为这将会增加你的“桃花”和异性缘。 但要注意的是,如果卧室属于已婚人士的,直对浴室的床将吸引第三者的出现。 不止如此,如果睡在这床上长达5年或更久,这将会导致一些健康问题,尤其是泌尿和生殖系统的问题。   14. 卫生间的风水 我听说过“专家”推荐将浴室改造成美容和水疗般的装饰,用鲜花和艺术品增加美感,以改善浪漫。 然而,这个提示与风水的观点并不一致. 因为这样做会对已婚或有对象的人可能会吸引第三者的介入,更糟糕的是对单身汉也会吸引到烂桃花。 我不建议你们把浴室装潢的太美。 如有疑问,请找梁师傅。 家居风水 15. 放置你和你另一半的快乐照片 如果你已经结婚或有恋爱对象。 你可以在房子周围放置你和你的伴侣的快乐照片,尤其是在西南和西北地区。 照片摆在乾和坤,能够散发爱情正能量并将增进你和伴侣之间的亲密关系。 凭我的经验,这方法非常有效。 16. 为爱而消除杂乱 你应该整理你的房间,实际上整个房子。 杂乱是一种无形压力不断在精神上影响我们。 当空间太过杂乱时,你和你的伴侣的耐心和忍耐力会显着下降,这可能导致不断的争吵。 在风水学,去掉杂乱实际上确实能改善卧室能量的流动,如果整理整个房子的话整个房房子的磁场也会跟着改善,这有利于夫妇的感情甚至整个家庭的和谐。 其他我们必须注意的情况 17. 在床头板上方悬挂相框 一些风水专家有时会建议在床头板上悬挂结婚照,以增强夫妻之间的爱情。 另一些风水专家却认为相框意味着断头台的意思会切断睡在它下面的人。 我的看法却觉得对心理的影响最大的可能性,当你在睡觉的时候头上方挂着一些东西,总是会在潜意识里产生恐惧感,怕它会掉下来。 这可能会影响睡在床上的人的睡眠。 根据我个人的经验,在我了解风水之前,我就这么做的。有一天相框真的掉了下来。 所幸是当时没有人在床上, 不然的话, 后果将不堪设想。 18. 粉红色水晶在卧室里 通常我不鼓励在卧室放置水晶。 因为水晶有内在的振动和磁场,可能会影响附近人的梦。…

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