Hungry Ghost Festival- What precautions to take note

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General Information

This Seventh Month Ghost prayer actually started as a Buddhist practice and was later adopted by the Taoist and transformed into the Seven Lunar Month Ghost festival.

By right this is to pray to all deceased who has reincarnated into the ghost realm, however, for Taoist practice it is for all deceased who will remain in ghost form until they rebirth.

The date should be from the first day of seventh lunar month until the 15th day of the seventh lunar month but it ha been extended to the current one month period stretching the whole of the seventh lunar month.


Why do we need to take precaution?

As it is practiced by many Taoist and Buddhist to pray during this period to the all the ghosts in hell who are allowed to roam the human realm.

The concerted energy of the practice actually created a real scenario whereby more ghost sightings occur during this period.

We should therefore take precautions to prevent oneself from offending those from the nether world and also the likelihood of bringing wandering ghost into our home.


What have we got to be aware of:

  1. Try not to move house during this period, most people goes to the extent of not even purchasing a property during this period.
  1. Try not to dress in total black, in fact I noticed black is a favoured colour by some people. Add a bit more colour like red, pink and purple, representing fire to your dressing.
  1. When you see people praying by the roadside, try to walk around them.
  1. Try to return home early as the later it is the Yin energy gets stronger.
  1. Try not to walk on the grass patch or out of the walkway as you may inadvertently step on some prayer items.
  1. If you have stepped on some prayer items, it is still fine, just apologize and move on. Do not feel bad about it as it may attract wandering spirits to follow you.
  1. Leave all babies and toddlers at home if possible after 7 pm as a precaution. Babies up till the age of 3 has the potential to see spirits and may attract the spirits to follow them back home. If in any case the babies keep crying at night for no apparent reason, feel free to let me know.
  1. All prayer items must not be brought onto the house or office after prayer as you may inadvertently invite wandering spirits into your house or spirit. This includes any urn or container used for prayer.
  1. The urn and incense paper bin used for prayer during Ghost festival are not to be used for burning of offering to the Gods.
  1. Business owners have to make sure you do your prayer from the 1st to 15th day of the Lunar Seventh Month and not later.
  1. Ladies who are pregnant, try not to eat the food from the seventh month prayer just in case. This is due to 2 scenarios, first is the possibility of being affected by wandering spirits and secondly, the food for prayer has been left outside for extended period and may have a chance of food poisoning.
  1. Some people may be tempted to ask for 4D numbers during the prayer, however, do remember that you have to give prayer again should you strike regardless of how much you strike.
  1. Do not make promises during the prayer that you cannot keep.

There are many more that we have to take note, but it may appear less relevant so if you should have any further questions, feel free to approach me again.