Master Max Liang


Max Liang Fengshui, synonymous with Master Max liang, is a company that uses metaphysics techniques to help clients solve their problem and to achieve success in every aspect of their life.

Before the business, Master Max explored metaphysics as a self-exploration and discovery to understand himself and the cause of issues in his life. The Journey was arduous and difficult, learning different techniques from various Masters only lead to identifying the problem but not resolve it. In the end, however, Master Max discover the tools and the way to apply it in everyday live that help him to solve his issue.

After having solve his problem, he came to realize that he could use this tool to help others like himself,  who may need the guidance to troubleshoot their own issues and to solve their problems as well.

Subsequently, Insights Life Mentor was set up in 2012 to help clients to solve their problems and renamed to Max Liang Fengshui in 2017 to best describe its application.

Max Liang Fengshui’s business was mostly conducted in Singapore, Malaysia, China and Vietnam. We utilizes Classical Fengshui, Numerology, Face-reading, BaZi and Energy manipulation techniques to give a holistic approach to solving client’s issues.

Max Liang Fengshui consults many local and regional MNCs and SMEs and is responsible in helping them to turn around and grow their business multiple folds through Personal Consultation and Energy Fengshui using the most Scientific method. 

Individuals also benefitted by seeing their lives change for the better and making greater success in their Career, Wealth and Relationship.