Annual Prediction of 2024 Based On Numerology and Fengshui Elements

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Annual Prediction of 2024 Based On Numerology And Fengshui Elements

2024 Flying Star

Prediction for 2024

Prediction of the year is done using 2 parts, the first is to use numerology and the second is to use the Chinese 5 elements to determine.

Based on Numerology, 2024 derived a number 8 and this represents stress, responsibility, continual search, restlessness. So rightfully this is the sort of energy that 2024 will face starting from 1st Jan 2024. 2024 also derives a 26-8 relationship which focusses a lot on talking about money, talking about responsibility as well as stress about finances. The derivatives of it are a 51, which represents a seek of leadership and who to follow and it is because there is a constant search of direction and busy seeking a start or leadership position. This number 8 is a fire element, and it is also considered a large fire that burns intensely. With that relationships between countries and within each household may be challenged. As the finance sector is Metal element, it also gets negatively impacted.

Now let’s look at the Chinese metaphysics, From 4th Feb 2024, Li Chun (立春) or the start of Spring will arrive and that is the start of Jia Chen (甲辰) year. The element represented by Jia (甲) is Wood whereas Chen (辰) represents Earth. This constitutes an elemental clash between Wood and Earth. From this we can predict the higher chance of ground movement and natural calamity relating to the Earth such as Earthquake and Ground subsidence. Where wood is concerned, the risk of food shortages, diseases attacking livestock and plantation as well as interruption to the delivery of food will be affected.

The direction represented by Chen in the Ba Gua (八卦) is the Southeast and countries in the Southeast of China may pose to be an issue. The clashing direction of Chen is directly opposite and that is the Northwest Direction and that geographical direction to China may also pose an issue.

Let’s look at the flying star, from 4th Feb 2024. The flying star chart shown above.

We can see that the 5 Yellow star, which represents calamity, war and disease, practically everything bad is to the West of China. That mainly will also hit the Middle East and if you go further, it will be Europe. Southeast again is 2 Black and represents minor sickness, this geographical location is likely to be Taiwan.

After looking at the negative stuff, there is a ray of hope in that Southwest of China is likely to see some growth and prosperity and it will likely extend down to the Southeast Asia region as well. Although the number 8 Star has lost its favour, it still has remnants of prosperity from the last cycle. So, areas to the North of China will still enjoy some prosperity and should you go further it will be Russia.

In summary, it seems like 2024 will be likely an eventful and probably stressful year. And should I extend it to 2025, the view is still negative. Therefore, I would likely recommend prudence in managing your finances and navigate the different countries and geographical locations more carefully in your work and business. Take effort to take care of your health and take a step back to weather all the difficult situations brought forth.