Annual Prediction for Year 2021

I have been doing #Annual #Prediction since 2013 and we have come to 2021. I have been trying hard to come up with prediction of 2021 but due to the increasing influence of the Lower 9th Earth Cycle, I have quite a bit of uncertainty to deal with. Firstly, we are in the midst of Covid-19 Pandemic and the severity of the infections have not abated since last year. The pandemic has put all borders on lock down and global trade almost came to a standstill. Although vaccine has been developed and many countries are in the process of immunizing their first line and vulnerable, vaccination will still take more time to reach the general public. The stock market has been enjoying a good run since March 2020 and has reached new highs all across the globe. Crytocurrency is also buoyed by interest of institutional investors and crossed US$50K.  What is really happening? How are we to make sense of what is happening right now.

I am writing this solely as a prediction based on #Numerology and #Fengshui Principles and not meant to be taken as the sole truth, it is however, to be taken with discretion and based on your own free will. Thank you for your time and here we go

Year 2021

In #Numerology, Year 2021 give rise to a Year Number 5. Number 5 is associated with the Earth Element which indicates the focus back to Mother Earth and being grounded. The world is at a critical juncture trying to figure out how the pandemic will pan out and when victory over the virus ascertained. However, with the continuous number of new strains of Covid virus evolving, will the vaccines still confer immunity?

Emphasis of the world is to get a direction in this uncertain period, many difficult decisions will have to be made amid the prevailing downfalls and obstacles brought about by the energy of 5. As we get closer to 2024, the start of Lower 9th Earth Cycle, which belongs to Fire element. It does render more strength to the Earth element of 2021, exacerbating the uncertainty and difficulty faced in 2021.

In Chinese Metaphysics though, from 4th February 2021, with the beginning of Spring,  辛丑  which is the year of the Metal Ox in the Solar Calendar starts. The Heavenly Stem 辛 indicated Yin Metal and Earthly Branch 丑 Yin Earth. This combination, as Earth support Metal indicates that there is an excess of Metal. The excess of Metal expense off the energy of Earth and increase the energy of Water.  Coming from a Water Year in 2020, this will continue on the effect of Water energy thereby indicating that the Pandemic will not be under control for this year. The Yin 丑Earth element refers to as wet Earth, there is also possibility of Earth movement and earthquake occurring this year. As Yin Metal born out of wet Earth, there is a likely chance of new viruses appearing, totally different from Covid-19. As the Yin Metal Yin Earth combination is cold, there are also possibilities of extreme cold weather in the coming Winter. As we are approaching the 9th Earth cycle, the influence of Fire is strong and may lead to flooding in some regions and drought in others. With the increasing Fire element, the chance of bacterial disease making a comeback is highly probable

Industries affected?

The Earth 丑 support  Metal 辛,leading to abundance of metal. Metal then supports Water. Therefore I would predict that Water element industries such as service line, logistic, transport, water treatment and management may continue its growth due to upturn from last year. As we are approaching the 9th Earth cycle, the influence of Fire is strong, this may lead to instability of the water industries, so we have to be more careful in the summer season.

The year should be good for the Metal industries especially finance sector, which is now closely related to the use of internet and technology. With the money from governments that comes into the market, it may it may cause an artificial increase in the stock market and  financial market; Yin metal is a heavy metal that will likely lead to the rise of the financial market. However, do expect some form of correction near the autumn months of August to October due to excess of metal in the Autumn months, the energy may flip leading to a decline in the metal sector.

For Earth element Industries, the current 丑energy will continue to support Earth element.  This year will be heading for another growth in the Property, Construction sector. However, attention has got to be given to the possibility that the border lockdown will continue to reduce the workers migration into the respective countries leading to a slowdown of the construction sector. However, property prices will continue to soar. Earth Industries such as construction, building management, land banking etc. will continue to grow, but due to restriction of manpower, which is a wood element (controlled by Metal), there is be some instability.

Next we come to the #Fire element and as we know, fire element is depleted  by the Metal Element. Industries relating to fire element such as Chemical, Petrochemical, Internet, Restaurants and Cooking will see some fluctuations and weaknesses, especially during the Summer season.

Finally, we come to Wood Element, it is in direct clash with the 辛Metal element prevailing this year and also weakened by 丑Earth element.  It is likely that Wood element industries will suffer major declines this year. I would predict that wood industries such as carpentry, books, agriculture, Education, Farming, Human Resource will face a substantial challenge this year.

As we are approaching the 9th Earth cycle, the influence of Fire is strong, industries associated, linked or utilized Fire element, especially internet and high technology, will continue to enjoy growth.

With this I end my writing on the predictions of 2021. Hope that my predictions give you an insight into the opportunities of the year so that we can all reap an abundant year ahead. Wish you Success, Wealth and Health.