Annual Prediction for Year 2020

It is already 2020 and since I have been doing #Annual #Prediction since 2013, guess I’ll have to apologize for being late. But no worries, we are just 3 weeks into 2020 and I will now talk about 2020. What I am writing is solely a prediction based on #Numerology and #Fengshui Techniques and not meant to be taken as the sole truth, it is however, to be taken with discretion and your own choice. Thank you for your time and here we go

Year 2020

In #Numerology, Year 2020 give rise to a Year Number 4. Number 4 is associated with the Wood Element which may indicates the progression from conflicts to a new stability. Much emphasis of the world is now focused on building and creation and the direction to go is basically education and training The energy of number 4 is more stable and resilient and points to a fact that interaction between countries will be more stable. The wood energy also further adds fuel to the fire element and thus contribute further to temperature rises and global warming. The effect of drought will further be exacerbated as water is drawn away by wood.

In Chinese Metaphysics though, from 4th February 2019, with the beginning of Spring,  庚子  which is the year of the Metal Rat in the Solar Calendar starts. The Heavenly Stem 庚 indicated Yang Metal and Earthly Branch 子 Yin Water. This combination, as Metal support Water indicates that extreme weather to be expected, especially storm.  As the Yang Metal Yin Water combination is unstable.  There are also possibilities of increasing Volcanic Activity, Earthquake, Landslides, Flooding Tsunami and Drought. As Yang Metal also indicates weapons, war is also possible.

Industries affected?

Water element industries such as service line, logistic, transport, water treatment and management will enjoy some upturn from last year.

The Metal 庚 support Water  子 , which may indicate that the Metal Element Industries especially finance sector may experience some ups and downs depending on the prevailing monthly element.

For Earth element Industries, this year will be a difficult year as the excess of water actually depletes Earth excessively leading to  a possible decline. Metal Industries such as construction, building management, land banking etc.

Next we come to the #Fire element and as we know, fire element is actually controlled by the Water Element, and is thus “dead” this year. Industries relating to fire element such as Chemical, Petrochemical, Internet, Restaurants and Cooking will all come under intense pressure.

Finally, we come to Wood Element, since Water element is prevailing, there is a likelihood that Wood element industries which enjoy support from Water Element will flourish. I would still likely predict that wood industries such as carpentry, books, agriculture, Education, Farming, Human Resource will benefit this year.

So in essence, 2020 start with the prominence of Earth-Water element and gradually changes to a Metal-Water energy with an excess of Water, though Chinese believe that Water is Wealth, I stand to warn that this excess of water  actually may point to breakouts of Viral diseases that are life threatening. The combination of Yang Metal and Yin Water may indicate that the Viral infection is air-borne. That being said, we also need to be more aware of the old bacterial diseases that may make a come back.

With this I end my writing on the predictions of 2020. Hope that my predictions give you an insight into the opportunities of the year so that we can all reap an abundant year ahead. Wish you Success, Wealth and Health.