Fengshui Way To Support Your Health

Well, in this time of heightened Covid-19 outbreak, we really do not have anything to fight against this scourge. Governments have initiated social-distancing and many have gone to the extent of total lockdown. Businesses suffer, people stuck at home suffers, in fact the whole world economy suffers.

What can we then do in our Feng Shui to enhance our health in this difficult time? Surely, we cannot challenge the energy of the world or go against it. What can we do?


Maybe, let me share a trick or two. Just to support the health of everyone in the house for now.

Let’s start with an 8-stone formation.

8 stone formation consist of Eight white stones pasted on a white piece of cardboard. White stone as white as possible, no variations of yellow, black, grey, red or any other colour please, remember white. White card as white as possible and no other colour and both side white.

You will need 2 sets of the 8-stone formation.

Paste the stone on the piece of paper as shown:


The direction of placement of the 8-stone formation is different for those who moved into their abode at different earth cycle.

For those who moved into their house from:

February 1984 to 2003                                              S & E

February 2004 to now                                               NE & SW

Then paste the 8-stone formation on the wall at the respective directions:


This is the first step, and also the most critical step to precede any other Fengshui Remedies for health. This method does not have any side effects even if placed wrongly but once it is done correctly, helps a lot to support health in the whole house.


If you think that this may help the people around you and make a difference to them, please share this out to them. Help each other out as much as possible in this difficult time.


For those who are thinking of more targeted and directed health support, feel free to p.m. me.