Feng Shui Tips to Attract Love and Romance Into Your Life

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Feng Shui Tips to Attract Love and Romance Into Your Life Nowadays, many of us look for Feng Shui Tips about almost everything in the web, yea?……, and looking for Feng Shui tips for love is no different. Most of the information that turned up is rather complicated and confusing at best. Yea? LOVE is seriously hard to grasp and manage and I must say, not many can claim to be an expert at it. Today, I shall give some expert opinions, on Feng Shui that is, to attract LOVE and ROMANCE! There are Feng Shui Masters that suggest certain rituals like writing certain “incantations” on a piece of paper and keeping it at a certain location. Sounds a bit freaky and even scary? Nope, I am not going to recommend this but something that makes more sense. Ergonomics in the house also play a major role and function in Feng Shui and I would include it into some of the topics that we discussed. I have also witnessed and studied the power of intentions and I know they work in Feng Shui. I am also very sure that the “Law of Attraction” plays an important role in attracting love that we want. No kidding…… Remember that all these Feng Shui tips are just that and will only get you that far, most importantly is the effort put in to find the love of your life or to improve your relationship. Feng Shui is not a “magic pill” that you just pop in and get what you want! OK……? So let’s start……
Bedroom location 1. Placement of Your Bedroom in Love Sector??  In the Western world Feng Shui, I have heard of experts linking the southwest sector of the house to love and they recommend having the bedroom in this sector. But again, the Southwest sector for the current 8th Earth Cycle based on the flying star is the 5 Yellow sector, having the bedroom in this sector is detrimental to the health as well as the relationship of the occupants. So, I would suggest against placing the bedroom at the Southwest sector unless you can’t help it. Ok, if it happens to be in this location, look me up and I teach you how to solve it.  
2. Where not to place the bedroom. There are a particular sector of the house that you should not place your bedroom and that is the “5 Ghost “ sector. Having the Bedroom here again is bad for health and relationship of the occupants. This sector is dependent on the facing of the house and can be easily identified using a Feng Shui compass app, some of the apps actually is for free. PS, if your bedroom is already here and your relationship issues have recently increased, its ok, no need to change house just come and see me, can already!
Placement of Bed 3. Bed below window bad? Lots of talk about the Bad of having the bed below a window, however, I don’t see a problem when the bed has a proper headboard that is high enough and doesn’t allow wind to pass through. Headboard that allow wind to pass through such as those louvred will lead to a lot of dreams and affect quality of sleep. If you are not getting quality sleep, how are you going to improve your attraction factor or relationship? Some Feng Shui masters also believe that a bed below a window doesn’t have support and thus affect relationship of couples, I still believe that it is due to quality of rest. Scientific studies have concluded poor sleep quality can be detrimental to your mental and physical health so Feng Shui that improves quality of rest is definitely a boost to your romance.
4. Beds below a beam…… Beds should not be placed below an overhead beam as the airflow may be directed downwards from the beam, it is similar to sitting right below an aircon duct in the office, making it uncomfortable to fall asleep. The psychological aspect of seeing something protruding from the ceiling above you may also cause disruption to sleep. This is both aspects of Feng Shui and ergonomics here, so avoiding this is best for romance and love. By the way, get in touch with me for the remedy if you happen to face the same problem and can’t avoid it.
Bed Feng Shui, Bad Fengshui??? 5. Remove Unnecessary items and objects from the bed. This tip does bring to the mind that a bed is simply a bed and it is a place for rest and in the case a couple, a place for love and bonding. Having unnecessary items, such as additional cushions, soft toys, clothings, etc…… adds to the clutter and will definitely contribute to the distraction. The Feng Shui way of simplicity and uncluttering also works for romance and love.
6. Freshen Up Your Bedsheets and Linens Research have shown that clean bedsheets and linens reduces the effect of dust mites and improves the quality of sleep. Having quality rest is definitely a step up to your romance. In Feng Shui, the removal of offensive smell, dirt or grime actually improves the energy of the bed and thus adds to your attraction factor. This you’ve got to help yourself, ha……
This is just the first of 3 parts, I shall release subsequent parts every Wednesday, so stay tuned for it. Let’s be frank about it, these tips work and only just, there are still a lot of intricacies that require help from Feng Shui Masters. Conditions like where to place the bedroom, facing of the bed and remedies to Feng Shui Issues, has to be properly addressed. After all the Feng Shui, YOU still have to put in effort to work on finding love or improving your current relationship. There are no short cut and magic pill because Feng Shui requires the alignment of the environment energy, time and opportunity, as well as the human energy to bring about the result desired.  Meaning, your action is paramount to the success of your love and romance. You still need pay attention to your partner’s needs and make effort to spend quality time together. Like I say, Feng Shui is not a short cut or magic pill, but it definitely helps while you put in the effort, you will notice that communication and your “Luck” with the opposite sex will improve; your partner will be more receptive towards you and your love life will grow stronger with each passing day.