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Do you have a small office of let’s say 20……30Sqft and you are thinking of engaging a Feng Shui Master to conduct a Feng Shui Audit to improve the business?

ALSO, are you thinking of getting a traditional Feng Shui Master who practices Classical Feng Shui to do it?

STOP! ……Don’t bother!

Because a Feng Shui audit using the classical methods doesn’t work in such a setting.


“Why Classical Feng Shui for a small office doesn’t work?”,  you may ask.

If you allow to explain:

There are a few issues that you have to be aware of should you Choose to do a Feng Shui audit for an office space that is smaller than 100 square feet.

  1. If the energy flow is obstructed going into the office, the business will definitely be adversely affected.
  2. Partitioning of energy in such a small space is not distinct so placement of any Feng Shui remedy or object may not fall in the right energy sector.
  3. For any rooms, the energy flowing in is easily influenced by the occupancy of other rooms in the Serviced office location.
  4. The energy that goes into the office is drastically affected by the foot traffic along the aisles of the Serviced office environment.

For point 1, I have come to realize from all the Feng Shui Audits that I have conducted, to notice that the amount and quality of the energy flowing into the office is directly proportional to the business turnover. If the flow into the office is unobstructed and the quality of the energy is good, then business will be good.

For point 2, I do realize that in a small space such as a small office, the energy partitioning into the various sector is not well defined, there are a lot of cross-over of energy of the various sector, whether you are using the Eight Mansion Method or the Flying Star method.

Getting a Feng Shui Master that practices the classical Feng Shui techniques will still do an audit using the floor plan and direction of facing. They will divide the office space into 9 sectors, and advices on enhancement and remedies to be placed at the various sectors, without even considering whether the partitioning of the energy in the office is proper or not.

However, have you thought about it?

Since the energy partitioning is not discrete and different energies cross-over each other, will the placement of remedy placed address the various conditions as described in a classical Feng Shui Audit?

The crossover of energy actually causes any kind of Remedy engaged to be ineffective and worse some of the remedies could be counterproductive.

For point 3, I also realize that the energy flowing into an office is easily influenced by the occupancy of other rooms in the Serviced office location.

Factors to consider are, if the other offices within the same location and has more staff, it is likely able to draw more energy into their office as it has more activity. Energy flows to where the occupants move. So the condition is exacerbated if the other office door is directly facing yours. and they have the potential to “steal” the Energy flow into your office.

For point 4, I gathered that the energy that goes into the office is drastically affected by the foot traffic along the footpath of the Serviced office environment. As the energy flows with human movement, more foot traffic will definitely bring more energy flow to the office and thus helps in the business.


Here comes the Best Part!

So what is the best way to do a Feng Shui of the place?

Only Energy Feng Shui offers the best solution to such a situation, it is definitely more accurate than guessing how the energy flows into the room and how the energy partitions in the room.

So what does it mean by Energy Feng Shui?

Energy Feng Shui is a method of Feng Shui audit that we first physically detect the energy flow into an office, as well as the partitioning of energy in the office. Based on the energy that is being detected, we then seek to find remedies to improve the energy flow into an office. The energy flow that goes into the  office has to be consistent and unobstructed.


Hi there, this is Master Liang. I am an Energy Feng Shui Expert and this is one example of the Energy Feng Shui that I have conducted.

Last week I was at my friend’s office, he needed some help with his office Feng Shui as he noticed that his clientele is dwindling for 2 months.

He is located in a serviced office space and size of the whole room is about 30 square feet.

I sensed that the partitioning of energy in the office is not discreet in the small area. So the traditional Feng Shui application is definitely ineffective. The approach of doing a Feng Shui audit in such a small space will therefore be a different one from a bigger office space.

In my friend’s office, there is definitely a substantial cross-over of energy in the various sectors and therefore hard to ascertain where is the start and end of each sector.

The flow of energy into his office is rather low, which is rather close to base line. On top of that, the path to his seat is obstructed by boxes of books further obstructing flow of energy.


Now we have ascertain the issue, so next, What is the Remedy?

Remedies recommended is rather simple:

  1. Clear up the boxes blocking the way to his seat, remove obstruction.
  2. Go to his office more frequently.
  3. Clean up his seat.
  4. Move around more in and around his office.
  5. Place a new glass of Salt water in the far corner.

Technically, this will solve the issue.

So you must be wondering, what is the result?

The result is pretty clear cut; clients returned and Business as Usual!

So I have shared with you one example of Feng Shui, subscribe and stay tuned for more Feng Shui Tips and Remedies.

If you would like to know more about how how I can help you in whatever you endeavour to do, feel free to contact me