Feng Shui Tips to Attract Love and Romance Into Your Life Part 3

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Feng Shui Tips to Attract Love and Romance Into Your Life
Hi!Welcome back. We are now on the third and last part of our 3 Part Series on Feng Shui Tips to Attract Love and Romance Into Your Life. Last week, we look into Bedroom decoration, ornaments and electronic items that may affect the Feng Shui in the bedroom. Today, we shall continue to discuss into other aspects of bedroom Feng Shui.
Feng Shui of Bathroom
13. Attached Bathroom in Your Bedroom For a single, attached bathroom is fine especially with the bathroom door facing your bed, because in Feng Shui, this will increase your “Peach Blossom” and attraction from the opposite sex. However, do note that if the bedroom is for married couple, the bed with the bathroom directly facing it will attract third party into the relationship. Furthermore, having such a configuration for long periods usually 5 years and above will lead to health issues, especially the urinary and reproductive system.  
14. Feng Shui of the Bathroom I have heard of “experts” that recommend the bathroom to be transformed beauty and spa-like pampering energy decorated with flowers and artwork to improve Romance. However, this tip is NOT aligned with Feng Shui perspective as doing so is likely to attract third party into the relationship and worse attract a bad relationship. So it is not advisable to “beautify” the bathroom too much. In doubt? look for Master Liang.
Feng Shui In the House
15. Place Happy Photos of You and Your Partner If you’re married or in a relationship, you can place happy photos of you and your partner around the house especially in the southwest and northwest sector. The positive energy that the photos emanate in the Qian and Kun Sector will boost the intimacy between you and your partner. This in my experience works very well and I have seen many cases of improved relationship just by doing that!  
16. De-clutter for Love You should de-clutter your room and in fact the whole house. Clutter is a stress factor mentally affect us. When the place is too cluttered, patience and tolerance for your partner can decrease significantly which may lead to constant arguments. Well in my experience, de-cluttering actually does improve the flow of energy in the bedroom and de-cluttering the whole house improves energy throughout the house. Technically,this is beneficial to relationship of the couple and in fact the relationship of everyone in the house.
Other Situations That We Have To Bear In Mind
17. Hanging Picture Frames Above Headboard Some Feng Shui experts sometimes would recommend hanging wedding photographs above the headboard to enhance love between couples. Other experts, however, deemed the picture frame signifies a guillotine that will cut anyone sleeping below it. In my perspective, the effect is much more psychological, having something hanging above the head while you are sleeping always poses a subconscious fear of it falling. This may affect the sleep of the occupants. In my personal experience, way before I knew about Feng Shui, that is what I did and true enough the wedding picture, frame and all came crashing down. Luckily no one is one the bed at that moment.
18. Rose Quartz In The Bedroom Normally I wouldn’t encourage placing crystals in the bedroom as crystals have their intrinsic vibrations which might affect dreams of the person near it. However, in some cases having a Rose Quartz at the West sector of the room may attract some “peach blossom” or friends and network. That may be useful for singles to meet someone. Caution is that the crystal should be at least 3 feet away from the any sleeping person.
Let’s be frank about it, these tips work and only just, there are still a lot of intricacies that require help from Feng Shui Masters. Conditions like where to place the bedroom, facing of the bed and remedies to Feng Shui Issues, has to be properly addressed. After all the Feng Shui, YOU still have to put in effort to work on finding love or improving your current relationship. There are no short cut and magic pill because Feng Shui requires the alignment of the environment energy, time and opportunity, as well as the human energy to bring about the result desired.  Meaning, your action is paramount to the success of your love and romance. You still need pay attention to your partner’s needs and make effort to spend quality time together. Like I say, Feng Shui is not a short cut or magic pill, but it definitely helps while you put in the effort. You will notice that communication and your “Luck” with the opposite sex will improve; your partner will be more receptive towards you and your love life will grow stronger with each passing day.
Feng Shui can definitely help with seeking love or improving your relationship, but do seek professional help to see it working successfully. The tips listed is still pretty limited and much more can be found with the right professional help.
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