Feng Shui Tips to Attract Love and Romance Into Your Life Part 2

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Feng Shui Tips to Attract Love and Romance Into Your Life

Hi!Welcome back to Part 2 of our 3 Part Series on Feng Shui Tips to Attract Love and Romance Into Your Life.

Last week, we look into Bedroom location, Placement of Bed, and the Feng Shui of Bed.

Today, we shall look at some Feng Shui and other methods that may or may not be fully related to Feng Shui to see how best we can effect an attraction from the opposite sex or to improve love and affection between couples.

LOVE is seriously hard to grasp and manage and I must say, not many can claim to be an expert at it.

Today, I shall give some expert opinions, on Feng Shui that is, to attract LOVE and ROMANCE!

Remember that all these Feng Shui tips are just that and will only get you that far, most importantly is the effort put in to find the love of your life or to improve your relationship. Feng Shui is not a “magic pill” that you just pop in and get what you want! OK……?

So let’s start……


Bedroom Design Scheme

7.  Colour of the Walls and Window Blinds

Use a cooler and softer colour for the bedroom, usually white with a tint of blue or green to induce better relaxation and for better sleep.

Do remember to avoid painting the whole room black or even accentuate certain walls with bold red or purple colour.

This will produce a situation where the bedroom becomes too “Yin” or “Yang” which in turn affect the occupants sleep. Which is generally referred to being too warm or too cold.

If the room belongs to a couple, proper blinds or curtains is appropriate for privacy. With privacy and a relaxing mood, it will definitely promote intimacy and increase the romance factor.



8. Art in the Bedroom

Unless you are single, do not have any artform that depict a human body or form as it may bring about attractions from outside your relationship.

Bedroom should be as free from artwork that depicts violence and destruction as it may cause the occupants to elicit a similar mindset.

Generally, would advise against having anything, be it a picture or human form, in the bedroom as it may elicit a feeling of being watched and affecting sleep.

In Feng Shui, having comfort in your bedroom works to improve your quality of sleep and in turn helps with your Love and Romance.

For those who are still single, however, you can place some art work or paintings that depict a couple in a relationship to attract the love of your life,but still it is not advisable to have a pair of eyes facing you while you are asleep.


9. Remove Photographs or Picture of People in Bedroom

This is not just classical Feng Shui but modern psychology as well. Having photographs with people’s faces, not just your friends and family, can adversely impact bedroom romance. Why??

Photos in your room will create a feeling that people are looking at you, making it hard for any romance to spark off.

This is to the same effect a human form artwork in the room might cause you to have a feeling of being stared at all the time


10. Get Rid of Mirrors Facing the Bed

Having a mirror facing you while you sleep is actually very bad, reasons being before you doze off, you may catch a glimpse of your own reflection and that may startle you.

Secondly when you wake in the middle of the night or when it is dark, your reflection off the mirror may startle you again.

Thirdly if in any case any stray light that shines into the room may be reflected by the mirror causing a light “Sha” or disturbance which will again disturb your sleep.

The constant and repetitive startling coupled with poor quality of sleep usually cause the occupants to suffer from health issues in no time.

In my personal experience, I do come across a number of cases that a married couple installed a big set of mirror on the wall during renovation and the mirror is constantly reflecting at the bed. Their relationship soured in no time and finally led to their divorce.

The few lucky ones who removed the mirror after a Feng Shui audit improved and saved their relationship.

There are also Feng Shui masters who say that the mirror introduces third party into the relationship, this I have no direct prove of it.

So, mirror anyone??


TV and other things that are not To-Be

11. Get Rid of the Television in the Bedroom??

In the past, Television usually comes in the form of a CRT TV which is made of a reflective glass surface and again it seems to act as a mirror. See above: Mirrors facing bed.

Feng Shui Masters would also advice against placing a TV in your bedroom as it is likely to affect your relationship as a couple. They do perceive it as a fire element.

In my perspective, I don’t think that it exist such a strong fire element that affects the relationship of a couple.

Nowadays, however, TV comes in the form of LED TV which usually is not reflective anymore, so no worries, put it in the bedroom if you want!

BUT then, TV is generally a distraction from your sleep and may affect the sleep of the loved ones right beside you.

It also prevents you from making intimate connections or have meaningful conversations with your partner. Therefore, do consider the scenario before putting a TV in the bedroom.

Ha…… personal choice!


12. Get Rid of Computer or Mobile Phones in Your Bedroom

Some Feng Shui Master suggest not to have your computer in your bedroom, saying that it is fire element or that it reminds you of work.

However, in my perspective. This is less of an issue nowadays.

In my opinion, I think we should just get rid of our Mobile phones because a lot, and I mean a lot, of people are addicted to it!

If your mind is fixated on the phone, you are more likely to neglect your partner.

Furthermore, it is also a constant stress fighting the urge to pick up the phone next to you, it will likely be a hindrance to bedroom romance.

Then again, I do hear of people saying that they use the phone as an alarm and needs it next to them. But do realize that the phone transmit radiation and having it next to you may affect your sleep.

So in the worst-case scenario, put the phone on flight mode please!


This is the second of 3 parts, I shall release the third and last segment next Wednesday, so stay tuned for it.

Let’s be frank about it, these tips work and only just, there are still a lot of intricacies that require help from Feng Shui Masters.

Conditions like where to place the bedroom, facing of the bed and remedies to Feng Shui Issues, has to be properly addressed.

After all the Feng Shui, YOU still have to put in effort to work on finding love or improving your current relationship.

There are no short cut and magic pill because Feng Shui requires the alignment of the environment energy, time and opportunity, as well as the human energy to bring about the result desired.  Meaning, your action is paramount to the success of your love and romance.

You still need pay attention to your partner’s needs and make effort to spend quality time together.

Like I say, Feng Shui is not a short cut or magic pill, but it definitely helps while you put in the effort, you will notice that communication and your “Luck” with the opposite sex will improve; your partner will be more receptive towards you and your love life will grow stronger with each passing day.