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Know Yourself

“Know thyself”, is a famous quote often attributed to Socrates, but how much do you “know thyself (yourself)”? 

Why is it important to “know thyself”?

Possible reasons are :

  • Resolve inner conflicts. When your actions are in accordance with feelings and values, you experience less conflict

  • Self-control. You understand what motivates you or misdirect you therefore giving you the power to make the appropriate decision.

  • Tolerance and Empathy. Awareness of your own feelings and other’s feeling  help you empathize with others.

  • Decision making. You are able to make more effective decisions by knowing yourself and what you want, thereby reducing chance of making inappropriate decisions.

  • Love and Happiness. You will be happier knowing why you react to situations and every time you make decisions and take appropriate actions, it leads to more favourable results and thus less pain.

  • Motivation and pleasure: Knowing who you are and what you want guide you to be more focused in your action, allowing you to achieve more results in shorter period of time, allowing for more motivation and gratification.

Self-knowledge is important for one central reason as it offers us a route to greater happiness and fulfillment. Not knowing what you want may lead to accidents and mistaken ambitions.

‘Know thyself” so that we may make more appropriate choices and take action to a better formulation of our life choices.

 If you want to ” Know Thyself”, learn the method  to arm yourself with the right tool to decipher your character and propel you to greater heights!