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Feng Shui 5 Elements Colours and Shapes

Hi there, let’s get back to the Feng Shui 5 Elements again and further explore what colour and shape the 5 Elements represent.嗨,让我们再次回到风水五行,进一步探索五行代表的颜色和形状。COLOURSIn Chinese Metaphysics, colour and  shape plays an important role, be it in Feng Shui or Remedies, Season, organs etc….The application is seriously wide, can you think of…

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The Feng Shui 5 Elements

 The cornerstone of Chinese Metaphysics and Traditional Chinese Medicine has always been the 5 elements, namely Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal.The balance of the 5-elements denotes a balance of the body and thereby leading to a balanced life and health.The 5-Elements are interdependent on each other and any excess or…

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