Sir Run Run Shaw CBE, GBM is a Hong Kong media mogul and philanthropist.

Born: November 23, 1907       

Departed: January 07,  2013

Sir Run Run Shaw was a great man who has brought much joy to generations through his business empire and charity. and I choose to do a face reading in remembrance of a great man.

Sir Run Run Shaw has fantastic facial feature. He is endowed with a wide and high forehead which indicated good childhood and upbringing with a lot of opportunities. His wide and square Glabella indicates someone who is able to achieve what he endeavours to do and coupled with long eyebrows have strong support from family and supporters.

He is endowed with a pair of spirited eyes indicates drive and enthusiasm in his younger days, this spirited look remains till even after his 80s which indicates longevity and vibrancy. With a long nose which indicates wealth and prosperity he also has a reasonably wide mouth and well formed with a “pearl at the tip”, indicating that he is  someone who has a flair for speech with fluency and persuasion.

Evenly space three pavilions with strong jaw bone indicates a resilient character who has support from subordinates.His ears are also set back and sticking to the skull indicating that he has a good family background.

This is definitely a classical good facial feature for someone with reputation, wealth and status.

I hope you enjoy this read and share with your friends.

Master Max Liang