Feng Shui way to support your health immediately

Well, in this time of heightened Covid-19 outbreak, we really do not have anything to fight against this scourge. Governments have initiated social-distancing and many have gone to the extent of total lockdown. Businesses suffer, people stuck at home suffers, in fact the whole world economy suffers.

What can we then do in our Feng Shui to enhance our health in this difficult time? Surely, we cannot challenge the energy of the world or go against it. What can we do?


Maybe, let me share a trick or two. Just to support the health of everyone in the house for now.

Let’s start with an 8-stone formation.

8 stone formation consist of Eight white stones pasted on a white piece of cardboard. White stone as white as possible, no variations of yellow, black, grey, red or any other colour please, remember white. White card as white as possible and no other colour and both side white.

You will need 2 sets of the 8-stone formation.

Paste the stone on the piece of paper as shown:


The direction of placement of the 8-stone formation is different for those who moved into their abode at different earth cycle.

For those who moved into their house from:

February 1984 to 2003                                              S & E

February 2004 to now                                               NE & SW

Then paste the 8-stone formation on the wall at the respective directions:



This is the first step, and also the most critical step to precede any other Fengshui Remedies for health. This method does not have any side effects even if placed wrongly but once it is done correctly, helps a lot to support health in the whole house.


If you think that this may help the people around you and make a difference to them, please share this out to them. Help each other out as much as possible in this difficult time.


For those who are thinking of more targeted and directed health support, feel free to p.m. me.


Annual Prediction of 2020 using Numerology and Fengshui Elements

Annual Prediction for Year 2020

It is already 2020 and since I have been doing #Annual #Prediction since 2013, guess I’ll have to apologize for being late. But no worries, we are just 3 weeks into 2020 and I will now talk about 2020. What I am writing is solely a prediction based on #Numerology and #Fengshui Techniques and not meant to be taken as the sole truth, it is however, to be taken with discretion and your own choice. Thank you for your time and here we go


Year 2020


In #Numerology, Year 2020 give rise to a Year Number 4. Number 4 is associated with the Wood Element which may indicates the progression from conflicts to a new stability. Much emphasis of the world is now focused on building and creation and the direction to go is basically education and training The energy of number 4 is more stable and resilient and points to a fact that interaction between countries will be more stable. The wood energy also further adds fuel to the fire element and thus contribute further to temperature rises and global warming. The effect of drought will further be exacerbated as water is drawn away by wood.


In Chinese Metaphysics though, from 4th February 2019, with the beginning of Spring,  庚子  which is the year of the Metal Rat in the Solar Calendar starts. The Heavenly Stem 庚 indicated Yang Metal and Earthly Branch 子 Yin Water. This combination, as Metal support Water indicates that extreme weather to be expected, especially storm.  As the Yang Metal Yin Water combination is unstable.  There are also possibilities of increasing Volcanic Activity, Earthquake, Landslides, Flooding Tsunami and Drought. As Yang Metal also indicates weapons, war is also possible.


Industries affected?


Water element industries such as service line, logistic, transport, water treatment and management will enjoy some upturn from last year.


The Metal 庚 support Water  子 , which may indicate that the Metal Element Industries especially finance sector may experience some ups and downs depending on the prevailing monthly element.


For Earth element Industries, this year will be a difficult year as the excess of water actually depletes Earth excessively leading to  a possible decline. Metal Industries such as construction, building management, land banking etc.


Next we come to the #Fire element and as we know, fire element is actually controlled by the Water Element, and is thus “dead” this year. Industries relating to fire element such as Chemical, Petrochemical, Internet, Restaurants and Cooking will all come under intense pressure.


Finally, we come to Wood Element, since Water element is prevailing, there is a likelihood that Wood element industries which enjoy support from Water Element will flourish. I would still likely predict that wood industries such as carpentry, books, agriculture, Education, Farming, Human Resource will benefit this year.


So in essence, 2020 start with the prominence of Earth-Water element and gradually changes to a Metal-Water energy with an excess of Water, though Chinese believe that Water is Wealth, I stand to warn that this excess of water  actually may point to breakouts of Viral diseases that are life threatening. The combination of Yang Metal and Yin Water may indicate that the Viral infection is air-borne. That being said, we also need to be more aware of the old bacterial diseases that may make a come back.


With this I end my writing on the predictions of 2020. Hope that my predictions give you an insight into the opportunities of the year so that we can all reap an abundant year ahead. Wish you Success, Wealth and Health.



Keen to know what is going to happen to you in Year 2020?

If you are read on!


If you are born in year 1901, 1910, 1919, 1928, 1937, 1946, 1955, 1964, 1973, 1982, 1991. This year is likely to be a year where you find that you are getting impatient talking about your principle and life direction, making you rather emotional. However, sticking to your principle while leading people would give you much stress but in return may have financial rewards.


If you are born in year 1902, 1911, 1920, 1929, 1938, 1947, 1956, 1965, 1974, 1983, 1992. This year seems like a good year for you where your expenditures and investments coupled with some calculated risk taking may give you massive rewards in terms of business or success.


If you are born in year 1903, 1912, 1921, 1930, 1939, 1948, 1957, 1966, 1975, 1984, 1993. Congratulations, this is the year that allows your aggressive plan, dealing with people and advising people allows you to build up your personal network and net worth as long as you can think through the process and carry out your plans.


If you are born in year 1904, 1913, 1922, 1931, 1940, 1949, 1958, 1967, 1976, 1985, 1994. This is a year wrought with anger and frustration, making you emotional. It may seem that there are a lot of obstacles to the things that you want to do and especially in presentations or public speaking. Do manage your emotion well just in case it leads to family issues.


If you are born in year 1905, 1914, 1923, 1932, 1941, 1950, 1959, 1968, 1977, 1986, 1995. Beware! This is the year that you may see your spending go up aggressively, you may be tempted to spend on your business but a great deal of risks are involved. There is a potential risk of financial issue this year. However, this there are also potential short-term financial gains. All depending on the action taken and the investment made.


If you are born in year 1906, 1915, 1924, 1933, 1942, 1951, 1960, 1969, 1978, 1987, 1996. This year you have a lot of opportunities to meet people and build network but they also come and go very fast. You try to take a lot of actions by yourself and make yourself real busy and emotional. Do manage your time well and not neglect your family just in case marriage issues crop up.


If you are born in year 1907, 1916, 1925, 1934, 1943, 1952, 1961, 1970, 1979, 1988, 1997. This 2020, you are very aggressive and looking to a fast completion to your tasks at hand, however, with your impatience, your communication seems to falter and get stressful. Your speech may get more direct and may attract more obstacle. You are also likely to face opportunities to travel for work.


If you are born in year 1908, 1917, 1926, 1935, 1944, 1953, 1962, 1971, 1980, 1989, 1998. This year you seem to adopt an aggressive stance with money and deal with short term business, there may be failures in some of them and may cause you to lose large amount of your money if you take unnecessary risks.


If you are born in year 1909, 1918, 1927, 1936, 1945, 1954, 1963, 1972, 1981, 1990, 1999. Planning done this year may be too fast and incomplete and you may just keep it to yourself and not divulge, this gives you quite an issue while dealing with people and attract backstabbers. You will get frustrated and emotional.


There you go, covered all that is born in the last century. For those of you born in the new Millennium and would want to know how you fare in the new year. Feel free to send me an email at max@maxliangfengshui.com

Feng Shui 5 Elements Colours and Shapes

Hi there, let’s get back to the Feng Shui 5 Elements again and further explore what colour and shape the 5 Elements represent.


In Chinese Metaphysics, colour and  shape plays an important role, be it in Feng Shui or Remedies, Season, organs etc….

The application is seriously wide, can you think of other representations?

As you can see from above, all the colours are distinct, remember that wood is only green and no other colours, sometimes I hear “experts” refer to wood as brown; as in the colour of Wooden Plank, lol…….

Also take note that only dark blue like navy blue is water element, Light blue like sky blue is not, if you are keen to know, get in touch with me to find out.


So now you know the colour, what about the shapes then??

There you go, that’s it! So now you understand this chart of Elemental Interdependency??

This is also the basic to understanding the remedies to your Bazi Elements Chart.


Then, What’s next?

















































如果你的卧室真的设在五鬼位,人与人之间的有所增加, 感情路不顺,放心不需要换房子,直接来找我便可以了!








那是为什么呢?因为允许风通过的床头板(例如那些一根一根直线条, 中间通风的)会导致睡在床上的人多梦然而影响睡眠。没有好的睡眠如何提升自己的桃花运或情感呢?


















研究表明,干净的床单和床单可以减少尘螨的影响,提高睡眠质量。享受优质的休息绝对是您吸引异性和浪漫的一步。在风水中,去除难闻的气味,污垢或污垢实际上可以提高床的能量,从而增加您的吸引力因素。但是寻找异性朋友还得要靠你自己了, 哈……



在所有的风水调节之后,你仍然需要努力寻找爱情或改善你现在的关系。 这方面没有捷径和神奇的药丸,因为风水是调适环境能量,时间和机会的对齐,以及人类的能量来实现所需的结果。 也就是说你的行动对你找寻爱情和感情的成功至关重要。 您仍然需要关注伴侣的需求,并努力创造美好时光。


就像我说的那样,风水不是一个捷径或神奇的药丸,但它确实有助于你付出努力后的成果,你会发现你的沟通和你与异性的“运气”会有所改善; 你的伴侣会更容易接受你,你的爱情生活会日益强大。




因此,开始行动吧!不管你是要吸引你将来的另一半, 或者对那些有配偶的在生活上增加多一些浪漫或热爱!



Do you have a small office of let’s say 20……30Sqft and you are thinking of engaging a Feng Shui Master to conduct a Feng Shui Audit to improve the business?

ALSO, are you thinking of getting a traditional Feng Shui Master who practices Classical Feng Shui to do it?

STOP! ……Don’t bother!

Because a Feng Shui audit using the classical methods doesn’t work in such a setting.

“Why Classical Feng Shui for a small office doesn’t work?”,  you may ask.

If you allow to explain:

There are a few issues that you have to be aware of should you Choose to do a Feng Shui audit for an office space that is smaller than 100 square feet.

  1. If the energy flow is obstructed going into the office, the business will definitely be adversely affected.
  2. Partitioning of energy in such a small space is not distinct so placement of any Feng Shui remedy or object may not fall in the right energy sector.
  3. For any rooms, the energy flowing in is easily influenced by the occupancy of other rooms in the Serviced office location.
  4. The energy that goes into the office is drastically affected by the foot traffic along the aisles of the Serviced office environment.

For point 1, I have come to realize from all the Feng Shui Audits that I have conducted, to notice that the amount and quality of the energy flowing into the office is directly proportional to the business turnover. If the flow into the office is unobstructed and the quality of the energy is good, then business will be good.

For point 2, I do realize that in a small space such as a small office, the energy partitioning into the various sector is not well defined, there are a lot of cross-over of energy of the various sector, whether you are using the Eight Mansion Method or the Flying Star method.

Getting a Feng Shui Master that practices the classical Feng Shui techniques will still do an audit using the floor plan and direction of facing. They will divide the office space into 9 sectors, and advices on enhancement and remedies to be placed at the various sectors, without even considering whether the partitioning of the energy in the office is proper or not.

However, have you thought about it?

Since the energy partitioning is not discrete and different energies cross-over each other, will the placement of remedy placed address the various conditions as described in a classical Feng Shui Audit?

The crossover of energy actually causes any kind of Remedy engaged to be ineffective and worse some of the remedies could be counterproductive.

For point 3, I also realize that the energy flowing into an office is easily influenced by the occupancy of other rooms in the Serviced office location.

Factors to consider are, if the other offices within the same location and has more staff, it is likely able to draw more energy into their office as it has more activity. Energy flows to where the occupants move. So the condition is exacerbated if the other office door is directly facing yours. and they have the potential to “steal” the Energy flow into your office.

For point 4, I gathered that the energy that goes into the office is drastically affected by the foot traffic along the footpath of the Serviced office environment. As the energy flows with human movement, more foot traffic will definitely bring more energy flow to the office and thus helps in the business.

Energy Feng Shui

Mount Fuji Energy Feng Shui

Here comes the Best Part!

So what is the best way to do a Feng Shui of the place?

Only Energy Feng Shui offers the best solution to such a situation, it is definitely more accurate than guessing how the energy flows into the room and how the energy partitions in the room.


So what does it mean by Energy Feng Shui?

Energy Feng Shui is a method of Feng Shui audit that we first physically detect the energy flow into an office, as well as the partitioning of energy in the office. Based on the energy that is being detected, we then seek to find remedies to improve the energy flow into an office. The energy flow that goes into the  office has to be consistent and unobstructed.


Hi there, this is Master Liang. I am an Energy Feng Shui Expert and this is one example of the Energy Feng Shui that I have conducted.

Last week I was at my friend’s office, he needed some help with his office Feng Shui as he noticed that his clientele is dwindling for 2 months.

He is located in a serviced office space and size of the whole room is about 30 square feet.

I sensed that the partitioning of energy in the office is not discreet in the small area. So the traditional Feng Shui application is definitely ineffective. The approach of doing a Feng Shui audit in such a small space will therefore be a different one from a bigger office space.

In my friend’s office, there is definitely a substantial cross-over of energy in the various sectors and therefore hard to ascertain where is the start and end of each sector.

The flow of energy into his office is rather low, which is rather close to base line. On top of that, the path to his seat is obstructed by boxes of books further obstructing flow of energy.

Energy Feng Shui Sensing

Feng Shui Plan Discussion

Now we have ascertain the issue, so next, What is the Remedy?

Remedies recommended is rather simple:

  1. Clear up the boxes blocking the way to his seat, remove obstruction.
  2. Go to his office more frequently.
  3. Clean up his seat.
  4. Move around more in and around his office.
  5. Place a new glass of Salt water in the far corner.

Technically, this will solve the issue.


So you must be wondering, what is the result?

The result is pretty clear cut; clients returned and Business as Usual!


So I have shared with you one example of Feng Shui, subscribe and stay tuned for more Feng Shui Tips and Remedies.

If you would like to know more about how how I can help you in whatever you endeavour to do, feel free to give me a call at Mobile: 82014488


An Entrepreneur’s Personal Experience With Master Max

Thanks to me by a Client who seek my advice on his Business venture!

This is a recollection of my first visit and personal discoveries with Master Max at his office on October 31st, 2018.


I first chanced upon Master Max when I was looking for help in my business. I’ve launched and failed several businesses in the past several years, and I was seeking help to understand why I was having such a hard time in business, and to learn what I could do to become successful as soon as possible.


I was a little guarded and skeptical at first, but started to trust him a little more after hearing Master Max talk about the events that led him to who he is today.


The first thing that struck me was how authentic he was. He seemed to be very clear about his mission and why he was a Feng Shui and metaphysics mentor. I wanted to know more about his background, and he freely shared with me how he was a scientist with a Life Science degree from NUS, which really surprised me because I thought most metaphysics consultants wouldn’t be as scientific, or logic-based.


He shared about how he was a salesperson in the Pharmaceutical industry doing exceptionally well financially, but could never seem to stay long in businesses. He was continually “pulled” into the metaphysics business, where his life was meant to become a guide and beacon for people who needed help.


Now, about me. Master Max used my birthday to determine my numerology numbers based on a circular chart that he developed himself by improving on existing Bazi, I-Ching, and Feng Shui frameworks. (You can see how it looks like in Johnny Depp’s chart here –Reading Of Johnny Depp


It turns out that I was generally lucky, which wasn’t something that I felt was true, based on my failures in my ventures. But come to think of it, I come from a relatively well-off family and never really worried much about money – my only concerns were business success, and relationships.


Discovery 1: Cultivate Decisiveness


Master Max went on to explain how I was emotional and indecisive, which was the root of my failures. I tended to be “pulled” from many different and conflicting ideas at the same time, which caused great confusion for me, especially when it came to business planning and direction.


He described my current efforts and skills as a unfocused mass of energy that’s in disarray. What I desperately needed was a “lens” to focus and channel this energy, which will be able to propel me forward and accomplish everything I set out to do. Otherwise, I would be searching and searching… without even knowing what I’m searching for.


I needed to train myself to make decisions faster, and not be bogged down by procrastination – a great learning point for me to be more decisive, and to find a lens to focus all my energy so that I can drive myself and my business forward.


Discovery 2: Leadership By Choice


Next, I found out that my businesses tend to fail because I didn’t have the right people, and also because I did not take the lead. My past businesses have always involved multiple founders of about 4 people with equal say in the company. I also had the tendency to take a Number 2 position, which is horrible and often causes conflicts especially with people working under me.


While this sounds fair and good, in reality it means that the company is pulled in 4 different directions, which leads to great inaction and inability to move forward.


The lesson here is that I need to make the choice to be the number one leader in my organizations. It would help me drive the company forward and would be easier to command my staff, inspiring them to work to the best of their abilities. If I’m not the leader, then I would have more problems with people and will end up getting “backstabbed”.


Discovery 3: Financial Management


I’m also a big spender, especially when I can justify that my purchase is of high quality and is useful. When it comes to my wallet, money disappears almost as quickly as it arrives.


Master Max cautioned me against this “losing money” tendency of mine, which can be a deadly pitfall for me, especially in business.


I need to be careful, especially when large sums of money are coming into my business, and extremely vigilant and watch out when large sums of money are quickly moving out of my business. To prevent losing large sums of money, I needed to break up large sums and turn them into small chunks that are easier to manage and help with cash flow – an extremely wise piece of advice that I will remember.





My take on visiting Master Max was that he genuinely wants to help people, and is actually good at what he does.


If you’re considering to consult him, I highly suggest that you go in with an idea your problems that you’re looking to solve which he can help you with.


You’re very likely to receive the answers you’re seeking, but he’ll also give you advice that is beyond just that. In my case, my priority was about business, but he gave me a lot of invaluable advice about my love life, how to communicate better with people, and even discussed health issues I’ve been encountering and will be likely to encounter. (I might write a part 2, so stay tuned!)


You might be surprised at his answers and advice, so stay open and positive to listen… and it’ll help you as much as it helped me 🙂


This recollection was written by the founder of a digital marketing & copywriting company and has since grown further both on a personal and professional level after his encounter with Master Max.

Contact me now if you want some answers!

If you would like to know more about how how I can help you in whatever you endeavour to do, feel free to give me a call at Mobile: 82014488


What To Expect When You Come For A Life Path Reading

Quite frankly,  I am a Feng-Shui Master with  varied skill-sets, ranging from Numerology, Bazi Elements, Face Reading, Classical Feng-Shui, Energy Feng-Shui as well as certain aspects of Psychology and NLP.

I must admit that I am not too particular about exactly what sort of skill-set I use on a particular life path reading and offering advice to my clients. It could be a mixture of Numerology and Face Reading or all of the above. I don’t care which technique I use, as long as it works, serves its purpose and accurate. Check out a Numerology reading sample: Numerology Reading of Johnny Depp

I do consider myself an unconventional Metaphysician with the sole intention to adopt a secular style of practice that is relevant to clients of all Race and Religion. Ultimately, my goal is to help people when in need.

So what do you need to prepare when you come in for a life path reading? Seriously!

  1. Your Date of Birth and Time of Birth (if you have it)
  2. Your Physical Self
  3. An Open Mind.

What Will Be Read?

There are a few areas of concern that will definitely be covered:

  1. Your Character and Personality
  2. Your Health and Physical Weaknesses, including Remedies.
  3. Your Career Choice
  4. What you will face in the current year, sometimes even the next year?
  5. What is lacking in your character trait that is slowing your path to Success?
  6. Direct Actions that can be taken immediately in your life to Create Massive Success.
  7. Life Code as a symbol to balance your Life.
  8. Other actionable task such as Feng-Shui.

Why do you need to adopt and Open MIndset?

Many times my reading actually discovered aspects of a person’s character that you do not realize that you encompass it. You may also be told of extreme information such as the possibility of getting cancer by the age of 50. Or the likelihood of a major downfall at a certain age, etc….

There are many who do not quite believe in what was presented and tend not to follow the advice to avoid the consequence. Hope you are not one of them though. The reason being that with my combined skill-set. The accuracy of my reading is well over 90 Percent accurate.

The actionable tasks and character modifications are expected to be gradual and consistent so that the Change is long lasting, doing the same practice of improving yourself over 21 days will create a positive habit that sticks with you.

Finally, I will assure you that by taking the recommended actions in your life, It works!! In fact it will work so well that you will not believe it at the end of the day. Only if you Take Action!

Call Me! if you are keen to know your Path to Success!

So that’s it, that is what you can Expect When You Come For A Life Path Reading. I can be contacted at mobile: 82014488 or you can find out more about me on http://www.maxliangfengshui.com

Annual Prediction of 2019 using Numerology and Fengshui Elements


Annual Prediction for Year 2019

I have been doing #Annual #Prediction since 2013 and since we are approaching Year #2019, guess it's the time to do my predictions for the coming year. What I am writing is solely a prediction based on #Numerology and #Fengshui Techniques and not meant to be taken as the sole truth that things will turn out the way it is predicted, however, it does give an indicator of what might be expected should events occur. So thank you for your time to read on.

Year 2019

In #Numerology, Year 2019 give rise to a Year #Number-3, Number 3 has always been associated as a number associated with the #Fire Element which may indicate the emergence of new Science and Technology in the coming Year. Number 3 is also a conflict Number that may indicate increasing conflicts in the New Year and may lead to the possibility of a looming war. The #Fast and #Aggressive nature of Number 3 also points to the aggressive nature in which the world situation turns around suddenly and catch everyone off guard. Number 3 also indicated spirituality and likely relate to increasing #spiritual concerns and #religious overtones. The Fire element of Number 3 also likely indicates a faster increase in world temperature with likelihood of #volcanic eruptions, #forest fire, #drought and likely #Solar Flares leading from October 2018 into 2019.


In Chinese Metaphysics though, from 4th February 2019, with the beginning of Spring,  己亥  which is the year of the Earth Pig in the Solar Calendar starts. The #Heavenly Stem 己 indicated #Yin Earth and #Earth Branch 亥 #Yin Water. This combination, as it is clashing, indicates that conflicts in the world are expected.  This combination also may indicate a situation whereby certain places will be inundated with water and other places will experience dry spells due to weather.  There are also possibilities increasing of Volcanic Activity, Earthquake, Landslides, Flooding Tsunami and Drought.


Industries affected?

#Water element industries such as service line, logistic, transport, water treatment and management will come under pressure due to the Earth-Water conflict.

By right the clash of Earth-Water clash does not bode well for #Earth Industries such as construction, oil drilling, Architectural and mining. But in 2019, in the Flying Star method, the Number 8 star takes precedence which belongs to Earth element. So likely, Earth Industries and property is not too adversely affected and may actually indicate an increase in pricing.

For #Metal Element industries, it is actually mixed, the Heavenly Stem which is Earth element 己  does give rise to metal but the Earthly Branch of 亥 actually depletes Metal Element so the successes of Metal Industries such as Banking, Stocks and shares, Hardware, Metal Commodities Etc, will experience fluctuations and instability in the Year 2019.

Next we come to the #Fire element and as we know, fire element is actually expended when Earth Element is prevalent and dead in year of Water Element. Industries relating to fire element such as Chemical, Petrochemical, Internet, Cooking will all come under intense pressure.

Finally, we come to #Wood Element, since #Earth element is prevailing, there is a likelihood that #Wood element industries which controls Earth is good. Concurrently, #Water Element supporting Wood is also present which does help wood element industries to have a good run. I would likely predict that wood industries such as carpentry, books, agriculture, Education, Farming, Human Resource will benefit in this coming year.

So in essence, 2019 start with the prominence of Fire element and changes gradually to Earth-Water element, all the prevailing elements are conflicting and likely point to slow-down of the economy and general market sentiments.

With this I end my writing on the predictions of 2019. Hope that my predictions give you an insight into the opportunities of the year so that we can all reap an abundant year ahead. Wish you #Success, #Wealth and #Health.



Want to know more about Max Liang Chinese Face Reading?

Here's a video for you to find out about our Chinese Face Reading techniques. Hope you like it!

Max Liang Fengshui

Max Liang Fengshui started off life as Insights Life Mentor, which was developed with the need to create a platform for the development of training and research into the Natural Sciences of Metaphysics. Namely Numerology, Chinese Face-Reading and Fengshui (Geomancy).

With new and improved findings, all the resources were integrated into a system whereby we decipher the modification to OUR personalities and targeted course of action for success, which we termed PFS (Personal Fengshui). This is then added to Environmental Fengshui to form the basis of our complete Fengshui system.

To read more- http:\\www.maxliangfengshui.com

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