Services Provided

Geomancy (Fengshui)

Modern Geomancy harnessing the Earth’s and environmental natural energy to bring about harmony of human and environment for good health and prosperity

Individual Life Path/ Characteristics

Combination of Physiognomy (MianXiang) and Numerology to determine an individual’s life path so as to help individuals determine their life direction, make behavioural modifications and take direct remedies to their obstacles and Challenges for the the better.

Face Reading (Mian Xiang)

Read directly into the current thought process and behaviour as well as the current health condition of the individual so that remedies can be taken.

Selection of Auspicious Dates

Choosing an auspicious date to start is already half a battle won, as it helps to reduce obstacles and challenges in the business or career.

Yearly Life Analysis

It would be beneficial to all, to know what they are facing in the coming year so as to take necessary precautions and actions for greater success.

Corporate Training

Yishu Insights provides various forms of training for all corporate entities, and can be tailored according to their specific needs.

Personal Training

Yishu Insights has a line up of Numerology courses and Physiognomy (Mian Xiang) Courses on offering, all are welcome to take up.

Success Coaching

Yishu Insights provides a specialized success coaching service for business owners who want to achieve success in all areas and aspects of life.