Feng Shui way to support your health immediately

Well, in this time of heightened Covid-19 outbreak, we really do not have anything to fight against this scourge. Governments have initiated social-distancing and many have gone to the extent of total lockdown. Businesses suffer, people stuck at home suffers, in fact the whole world economy suffers.

What can we then do in our Feng Shui to enhance our health in this difficult time? Surely, we cannot challenge the energy of the world or go against it. What can we do?


Maybe, let me share a trick or two. Just to support the health of everyone in the house for now.

Let’s start with an 8-stone formation.

8 stone formation consist of Eight white stones pasted on a white piece of cardboard. White stone as white as possible, no variations of yellow, black, grey, red or any other colour please, remember white. White card as white as possible and no other colour and both side white.

You will need 2 sets of the 8-stone formation.

Paste the stone on the piece of paper as shown:


The direction of placement of the 8-stone formation is different for those who moved into their abode at different earth cycle.

For those who moved into their house from:

February 1984 to 2003                                              S & E

February 2004 to now                                               NE & SW

Then paste the 8-stone formation on the wall at the respective directions:



This is the first step, and also the most critical step to precede any other Fengshui Remedies for health. This method does not have any side effects even if placed wrongly but once it is done correctly, helps a lot to support health in the whole house.


If you think that this may help the people around you and make a difference to them, please share this out to them. Help each other out as much as possible in this difficult time.


For those who are thinking of more targeted and directed health support, feel free to p.m. me.


Annual Prediction of 2020 using Numerology and Fengshui Elements

Annual Prediction for Year 2020

It is already 2020 and since I have been doing #Annual #Prediction since 2013, guess I’ll have to apologize for being late. But no worries, we are just 3 weeks into 2020 and I will now talk about 2020. What I am writing is solely a prediction based on #Numerology and #Fengshui Techniques and not meant to be taken as the sole truth, it is however, to be taken with discretion and your own choice. Thank you for your time and here we go


Year 2020


In #Numerology, Year 2020 give rise to a Year Number 4. Number 4 is associated with the Wood Element which may indicates the progression from conflicts to a new stability. Much emphasis of the world is now focused on building and creation and the direction to go is basically education and training The energy of number 4 is more stable and resilient and points to a fact that interaction between countries will be more stable. The wood energy also further adds fuel to the fire element and thus contribute further to temperature rises and global warming. The effect of drought will further be exacerbated as water is drawn away by wood.


In Chinese Metaphysics though, from 4th February 2019, with the beginning of Spring,  庚子  which is the year of the Metal Rat in the Solar Calendar starts. The Heavenly Stem 庚 indicated Yang Metal and Earthly Branch 子 Yin Water. This combination, as Metal support Water indicates that extreme weather to be expected, especially storm.  As the Yang Metal Yin Water combination is unstable.  There are also possibilities of increasing Volcanic Activity, Earthquake, Landslides, Flooding Tsunami and Drought. As Yang Metal also indicates weapons, war is also possible.


Industries affected?


Water element industries such as service line, logistic, transport, water treatment and management will enjoy some upturn from last year.


The Metal 庚 support Water  子 , which may indicate that the Metal Element Industries especially finance sector may experience some ups and downs depending on the prevailing monthly element.


For Earth element Industries, this year will be a difficult year as the excess of water actually depletes Earth excessively leading to  a possible decline. Metal Industries such as construction, building management, land banking etc.


Next we come to the #Fire element and as we know, fire element is actually controlled by the Water Element, and is thus “dead” this year. Industries relating to fire element such as Chemical, Petrochemical, Internet, Restaurants and Cooking will all come under intense pressure.


Finally, we come to Wood Element, since Water element is prevailing, there is a likelihood that Wood element industries which enjoy support from Water Element will flourish. I would still likely predict that wood industries such as carpentry, books, agriculture, Education, Farming, Human Resource will benefit this year.


So in essence, 2020 start with the prominence of Earth-Water element and gradually changes to a Metal-Water energy with an excess of Water, though Chinese believe that Water is Wealth, I stand to warn that this excess of water  actually may point to breakouts of Viral diseases that are life threatening. The combination of Yang Metal and Yin Water may indicate that the Viral infection is air-borne. That being said, we also need to be more aware of the old bacterial diseases that may make a come back.


With this I end my writing on the predictions of 2020. Hope that my predictions give you an insight into the opportunities of the year so that we can all reap an abundant year ahead. Wish you Success, Wealth and Health.



Keen to know what is going to happen to you in Year 2020?

If you are read on!


If you are born in year 1901, 1910, 1919, 1928, 1937, 1946, 1955, 1964, 1973, 1982, 1991. This year is likely to be a year where you find that you are getting impatient talking about your principle and life direction, making you rather emotional. However, sticking to your principle while leading people would give you much stress but in return may have financial rewards.


If you are born in year 1902, 1911, 1920, 1929, 1938, 1947, 1956, 1965, 1974, 1983, 1992. This year seems like a good year for you where your expenditures and investments coupled with some calculated risk taking may give you massive rewards in terms of business or success.


If you are born in year 1903, 1912, 1921, 1930, 1939, 1948, 1957, 1966, 1975, 1984, 1993. Congratulations, this is the year that allows your aggressive plan, dealing with people and advising people allows you to build up your personal network and net worth as long as you can think through the process and carry out your plans.


If you are born in year 1904, 1913, 1922, 1931, 1940, 1949, 1958, 1967, 1976, 1985, 1994. This is a year wrought with anger and frustration, making you emotional. It may seem that there are a lot of obstacles to the things that you want to do and especially in presentations or public speaking. Do manage your emotion well just in case it leads to family issues.


If you are born in year 1905, 1914, 1923, 1932, 1941, 1950, 1959, 1968, 1977, 1986, 1995. Beware! This is the year that you may see your spending go up aggressively, you may be tempted to spend on your business but a great deal of risks are involved. There is a potential risk of financial issue this year. However, this there are also potential short-term financial gains. All depending on the action taken and the investment made.


If you are born in year 1906, 1915, 1924, 1933, 1942, 1951, 1960, 1969, 1978, 1987, 1996. This year you have a lot of opportunities to meet people and build network but they also come and go very fast. You try to take a lot of actions by yourself and make yourself real busy and emotional. Do manage your time well and not neglect your family just in case marriage issues crop up.


If you are born in year 1907, 1916, 1925, 1934, 1943, 1952, 1961, 1970, 1979, 1988, 1997. This 2020, you are very aggressive and looking to a fast completion to your tasks at hand, however, with your impatience, your communication seems to falter and get stressful. Your speech may get more direct and may attract more obstacle. You are also likely to face opportunities to travel for work.


If you are born in year 1908, 1917, 1926, 1935, 1944, 1953, 1962, 1971, 1980, 1989, 1998. This year you seem to adopt an aggressive stance with money and deal with short term business, there may be failures in some of them and may cause you to lose large amount of your money if you take unnecessary risks.


If you are born in year 1909, 1918, 1927, 1936, 1945, 1954, 1963, 1972, 1981, 1990, 1999. Planning done this year may be too fast and incomplete and you may just keep it to yourself and not divulge, this gives you quite an issue while dealing with people and attract backstabbers. You will get frustrated and emotional.


There you go, covered all that is born in the last century. For those of you born in the new Millennium and would want to know how you fare in the new year. Feel free to send me an email at max@maxliangfengshui.com

Hungry Ghost Festival- What precautions to take note

General Information


This Seventh Month Ghost prayer actually started as a Buddhist practice and was later adopted by the Taoist and transformed into the Seven Lunar Month Ghost festival.

By right this is to pray to all deceased who has reincarnated into the ghost realm, however, for Taoist practice it is for all deceased who will remain in ghost form until they rebirth.

The date should be from the first day of seventh lunar month until the 15th day of the seventh lunar month but it ha been extended to the current one month period stretching the whole of the seventh lunar month.

Why do we need to take precaution?


As it is practiced by many Taoist and Buddhist to pray during this period to the all the ghosts in hell who are allowed to roam the human realm.

The concerted energy of the practice actually created a real scenario whereby more ghost sightings occur during this period.

We should therefore take precautions to prevent oneself from offending those from the nether world and also the likelihood of bringing wandering ghost into our home.

What have we got to be aware of:


  1. Try not to move house during this period, most people goes to the extent of not even purchasing a property during this period.


  1. Try not to dress in total black, in fact I noticed black is a favoured colour by some people. Add a bit more colour like red, pink and purple, representing fire to your dressing.


  1. When you see people praying by the roadside, try to walk around them.


  1. Try to return home early as the later it is the Yin energy gets stronger.


  1. Try not to walk on the grass patch or out of the walkway as you may inadvertently step on some prayer items.


  1. If you have stepped on some prayer items, it is still fine, just apologize and move on. Do not feel bad about it as it may attract wandering spirits to follow you.


  1. Leave all babies and toddlers at home if possible after 7 pm as a precaution. Babies up till the age of 3 has the potential to see spirits and may attract the spirits to follow them back home. If in any case the babies keep crying at night for no apparent reason, feel free to let me know.


  1. All prayer items must not be brought onto the house or office after prayer as you may inadvertently invite wandering spirits into your house or spirit. This includes any urn or container used for prayer.


  1. The urn and incense paper bin used for prayer during Ghost festival are not to be used for burning of offering to the Gods.


  1. Business owners have to make sure you do your prayer from the 1st to 15th day of the Lunar Seventh Month and not later.


  1. Ladies who are pregnant, try not to eat the food from the seventh month prayer just in case. This is due to 2 scenarios, first is the possibility of being affected by wandering spirits and secondly, the food for prayer has been left outside for extended period and may have a chance of food poisoning.


  1. Some people may be tempted to ask for 4D numbers during the prayer, however, do remember that you have to give prayer again should you strike regardless of how much you strike.


  1. Do not make promises during the prayer that you cannot keep.


There are many more that we have to take note, but it may appear less relevant so if you should have any further questions, feel free to approach me again.

Feng Shui 5 Elements Colours and Shapes

Hi there, let’s get back to the Feng Shui 5 Elements again and further explore what colour and shape the 5 Elements represent.


In Chinese Metaphysics, colour and  shape plays an important role, be it in Feng Shui or Remedies, Season, organs etc….

The application is seriously wide, can you think of other representations?

As you can see from above, all the colours are distinct, remember that wood is only green and no other colours, sometimes I hear “experts” refer to wood as brown; as in the colour of Wooden Plank, lol…….

Also take note that only dark blue like navy blue is water element, Light blue like sky blue is not, if you are keen to know, get in touch with me to find out.


So now you know the colour, what about the shapes then??

There you go, that’s it! So now you understand this chart of Elemental Interdependency??

This is also the basic to understanding the remedies to your Bazi Elements Chart.


Then, What’s next?
















The Feng Shui 5 Elements

The cornerstone of Chinese Metaphysics and Traditional Chinese Medicine has always been the 5 elements, namely Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal.

The balance of the 5-elements denotes a balance of the body and thereby leading to a balanced life and health.

The 5-Elements are interdependent on each other and any excess or insufficiency throws the 5- Element cycle off.

Look at the diagram below.

五行是中国术数及中医学的轴心基石, 它包括5个元素,水,木,火,土,金。




Notice that there is a Production cycle where Water produces Wood, Wood produces Fire, Fire produces Earth, Earth produces Metal and finally Metal produces Water.

This is a continuous and ever forming cycle.



Next notice the Destruction cycle where Metal destroys Wood, Wood Destroys Earth, Earth destroys Water, Water Destroys Fire and Fire Destroys Metal.

This again is a continuous cycle and represents the Destruction of elements.

接着我们看一看五行的相克的环节,金克木, 木克土,土克水,水克火,火克金。


The Production as well as Destruction of the elements bring about the elemental balance that we depended upon for life, just like the cycle of birth and death.

这相生相克的循环带给这世界五行之平衡,生命之源泉。 就如生生死死永无止境的循环。

风水与爱情 3




嗨!欢迎回来。 我们现在已经到达”吸引爱情和浪漫进入你生活风水小贴士” 3部系列的最后部分。






13. 卧室内的连接浴室








14. 卫生间的风水














15. 放置你和你另一半的快乐照片









16. 为爱而消除杂乱










17. 在床头板上方悬挂相框












所幸是当时没有人在床上, 不然的话, 后果将不堪设想。

18. 粉红色水晶在卧室里














在所有的风水调节之后,你仍然需要努力寻找爱情或改善你现在的关系。 这方面没有捷径和神奇的药丸,因为风水是调适环境能量,时间和机会的对齐,以及人类的能量来实现所需的结果。


也就是说你的行动对你找寻爱情和感情的成功至关重要。 您仍然需要关注伴侣的需求,并努力创造美好时光。


就像我说的那样,风水不是一个捷径或神奇的药丸,但它确实有助于你付出努力后的成果,你会发现你的沟通和你与异性的“运气”会有所改善; 你的伴侣会更容易接受你,你的爱情生活会日益强大。


因此,开始行动吧!不管你是要吸引你将来的另一半, 或者对那些有配偶的在生活上增加多一些浪漫或热爱!


说到这里也就是三部分的最后一部, 谢谢你们的观看。








敬请拨一通电话给我或者留一个电邮:  max@maxliangfengshui.com




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Feng Shui Tips to Attract Love and Romance Into Your Life Part 3



Feng Shui Tips to Attract Love and Romance Into Your Life

Hi!Welcome back. We are now on the third and last part of our 3 Part Series on Feng Shui Tips to Attract Love and Romance Into Your Life.


Last week, we look into Bedroom decoration, ornaments and electronic items that may affect the Feng Shui in the bedroom.


Today, we shall continue to discuss into other aspects of bedroom Feng Shui.


Feng Shui of Bathroom

13. Attached Bathroom in Your Bedroom


For a single, attached bathroom is fine especially with the bathroom door facing your bed, because in Feng Shui, this will increase your “Peach Blossom” and attraction from the opposite sex.


However, do note that if the bedroom is for married couple, the bed with the bathroom directly facing it will attract third party into the relationship.


Furthermore, having such a configuration for long periods usually 5 years and above will lead to health issues, especially the urinary and reproductive system.



14. Feng Shui of the Bathroom


I have heard of “experts” that recommend the bathroom to be transformed beauty and spa-like pampering energy decorated with flowers and artwork to improve Romance.


However, this tip is NOT aligned with Feng Shui perspective as doing so is likely to attract third party into the relationship and worse attract a bad relationship.


So it is not advisable to “beautify” the bathroom too much.


In doubt? look for Master Liang.

Feng Shui In the House

15. Place Happy Photos of You and Your Partner


If you’re married or in a relationship, you can place happy photos of you and your partner around the house especially in the southwest and northwest sector.


The positive energy that the photos emanate in the Qian and Kun Sector will boost the intimacy between you and your partner.


This in my experience works very well and I have seen many cases of improved relationship just by doing that!


16. De-clutter for Love


You should de-clutter your room and in fact the whole house.


Clutter is a stress factor mentally affect us.


When the place is too cluttered, patience and tolerance for your partner can decrease significantly which may lead to constant arguments.


Well in my experience, de-cluttering actually does improve the flow of energy in the bedroom and de-cluttering the whole house improves energy throughout the house.


Technically,this is beneficial to relationship of the couple and in fact the relationship of everyone in the house.

Other Situations That We Have To Bear In Mind

17. Hanging Picture Frames Above Headboard


Some Feng Shui experts sometimes would recommend hanging wedding photographs above the headboard to enhance love between couples.


Other experts, however, deemed the picture frame signifies a guillotine that will cut anyone sleeping below it.


In my perspective, the effect is much more psychological, having something hanging above the head while you are sleeping always poses a subconscious fear of it falling.


This may affect the sleep of the occupants.


In my personal experience, way before I knew about Feng Shui, that is what I did and true enough the wedding picture, frame and all came crashing down.


Luckily no one is one the bed at that moment.

18. Rose Quartz In The Bedroom


Normally I wouldn’t encourage placing crystals in the bedroom as crystals have their intrinsic vibrations which might affect dreams of the person near it.


However, in some cases having a Rose Quartz at the West sector of the room may attract some “peach blossom” or friends and network.


That may be useful for singles to meet someone.


Caution is that the crystal should be at least 3 feet away from the any sleeping person.



Let’s be frank about it, these tips work and only just, there are still a lot of intricacies that require help from Feng Shui Masters.


Conditions like where to place the bedroom, facing of the bed and remedies to Feng Shui Issues, has to be properly addressed.


After all the Feng Shui, YOU still have to put in effort to work on finding love or improving your current relationship.


There are no short cut and magic pill because Feng Shui requires the alignment of the environment energy, time and opportunity, as well as the human energy to bring about the result desired. 


Meaning, your action is paramount to the success of your love and romance.


You still need pay attention to your partner’s needs and make effort to spend quality time together.


Like I say, Feng Shui is not a short cut or magic pill, but it definitely helps while you put in the effort.


You will notice that communication and your “Luck” with the opposite sex will improve; your partner will be more receptive towards you and your love life will grow stronger with each passing day.


Feng Shui can definitely help with seeking love or improving your relationship, but do seek professional help to see it working successfully.


The tips listed is still pretty limited and much more can be found with the right professional help.

If you are in any doubt or would like to know more about Feng Shui.


Feel free to give me a call or drop me an email at  max@maxliangfengshui.com


Visit my site at www.maxliangfengshui.com


Alternatively, you can also visit my FB page https://www.facebook.com/MAXLIANGFENGSHUI  and like the page to get constant updates about new articles and topics.


Thanks for reading!

风水与爱情 2

Need the English Version?

Click here!

















7.  墙壁和窗帘的颜色













8. 卧室里摆艺术品









只有对于单生者, 可以用一些代表情侣的艺术品或画像来带给你多一些异性缘。但切记不要面对着你的睡床。



9. 删除卧室里的人物照片或照片










10. 拿掉面对床的镜子




















11. 摆脱卧室里的电视??















哈… 这是个人选择!

12. 不要把电脑或手机放置在卧房




















在所有的风水调节之后,你仍然需要努力寻找爱情或改善你现在的关系。 这方面没有捷径和神奇的药丸,因为风水是调适环境能量,时间和机会的对齐,以及人类的能量来实现所需的结果。


也就是说你的行动对你找寻爱情和感情的成功至关重要。 您仍然需要关注伴侣的需求,并努力创造美好时光。


就像我说的那样,风水不是一个捷径或神奇的药丸,但它确实有助于你付出努力后的成果,你会发现你的沟通和你与异性的“运气”会有所改善; 你的伴侣会更容易接受你,你的爱情生活会日益强大。


因此,开始行动吧!不管你是要吸引你将来的另一半, 或者对那些有配偶的在生活上增加多一些浪漫或热爱!

Feng Shui Tips to Attract Love and Romance Into Your Life Part 2




Feng Shui Tips to Attract Love and Romance Into Your Life


Hi!Welcome back to Part 2 of our 3 Part Series on Feng Shui Tips to Attract Love and Romance Into Your Life.


Last week, we look into Bedroom location, Placement of Bed, and the Feng Shui of Bed.


Today, we shall look at some Feng Shui and other methods that may or may not be fully related to Feng Shui to see how best we can effect an attraction from the opposite sex or to improve love and affection between couples.


LOVE is seriously hard to grasp and manage and I must say, not many can claim to be an expert at it.


Today, I shall give some expert opinions, on Feng Shui that is, to attract LOVE and ROMANCE!


Remember that all these Feng Shui tips are just that and will only get you that far, most importantly is the effort put in to find the love of your life or to improve your relationship. Feng Shui is not a “magic pill” that you just pop in and get what you want! OK……?


So let’s start……



Bedroom Design Scheme


7.  Colour of the Walls and Window Blinds


Use a cooler and softer colour for the bedroom, usually white with a tint of blue or green to induce better relaxation and for better sleep.


Do remember to avoid painting the whole room black or even accentuate certain walls with bold red or purple colour.


This will produce a situation where the bedroom becomes too “Yin” or “Yang” which in turn affect the occupants sleep. Which is generally referred to being too warm or too cold.


If the room belongs to a couple, proper blinds or curtains is appropriate for privacy. With privacy and a relaxing mood, it will definitely promote intimacy and increase the romance factor.




8. Art in the Bedroom



Unless you are single, do not have any artform that depict a human body or form as it may bring about attractions from outside your relationship.


Bedroom should be as free from artwork that depicts violence and destruction as it may cause the occupants to elicit a similar mindset.


Generally, would advise against having anything, be it a picture or human form, in the bedroom as it may elicit a feeling of being watched and affecting sleep.


In Feng Shui, having comfort in your bedroom works to improve your quality of sleep and in turn helps with your Love and Romance.


For those who are still single, however, you can place some art work or paintings that depict a couple in a relationship to attract the love of your life,but still it is not advisable to have a pair of eyes facing you while you are asleep.



9. Remove Photographs or Picture of People in Bedroom


This is not just classical Feng Shui but modern psychology as well. Having photographs with people’s faces, not just your friends and family, can adversely impact bedroom romance. Why??


Photos in your room will create a feeling that people are looking at you, making it hard for any romance to spark off.


This is to the same effect a human form artwork in the room might cause you to have a feeling of being stared at all the time


10. Get Rid of Mirrors Facing the Bed


Having a mirror facing you while you sleep is actually very bad, reasons being before you doze off, you may catch a glimpse of your own reflection and that may startle you.


Secondly when you wake in the middle of the night or when it is dark, your reflection off the mirror may startle you again.


Thirdly if in any case any stray light that shines into the room may be reflected by the mirror causing a light “Sha” or disturbance which will again disturb your sleep.


The constant and repetitive startling coupled with poor quality of sleep usually cause the occupants to suffer from health issues in no time.


In my personal experience, I do come across a number of cases that a married couple installed a big set of mirror on the wall during renovation and the mirror is constantly reflecting at the bed. Their relationship soured in no time and finally led to their divorce.


The few lucky ones who removed the mirror after a Feng Shui audit improved and saved their relationship.


There are also Feng Shui masters who say that the mirror introduces third party into the relationship, this I have no direct prove of it.


So, mirror anyone??

TV and other things that are not To-Be



11. Get Rid of the Television in the Bedroom??


In the past, Television usually comes in the form of a CRT TV which is made of a reflective glass surface and again it seems to act as a mirror. See above: Mirrors facing bed.


Feng Shui Masters would also advice against placing a TV in your bedroom as it is likely to affect your relationship as a couple. They do perceive it as a fire element.


In my perspective, I don’t think that it exist such a strong fire element that affects the relationship of a couple.


Nowadays, however, TV comes in the form of LED TV which usually is not reflective anymore, so no worries, put it in the bedroom if you want!


BUT then, TV is generally a distraction from your sleep and may affect the sleep of the loved ones right beside you.



It also prevents you from making intimate connections or have meaningful conversations with your partner. Therefore, do consider the scenario before putting a TV in the bedroom.


Ha…… personal choice!

12. Get Rid of Computer or Mobile Phones in Your Bedroom


Some Feng Shui Master suggest not to have your computer in your bedroom, saying that it is fire element or that it reminds you of work.


However, in my perspective. This is less of an issue nowadays.




In my opinion, I think we should just get rid of our Mobile phones because a lot, and I mean a lot, of people are addicted to it!


If your mind is fixated on the phone, you are more likely to neglect your partner.


Furthermore, it is also a constant stress fighting the urge to pick up the phone next to you, it will likely be a hindrance to bedroom romance.


Then again, I do hear of people saying that they use the phone as an alarm and needs it next to them. But do realize that the phone transmit radiation and having it next to you may affect your sleep.


So in the worst-case scenario, put the phone on flight mode please!


This is the second of 3 parts, I shall release the third and last segment next Wednesday, so stay tuned for it.


Let’s be frank about it, these tips work and only just, there are still a lot of intricacies that require help from Feng Shui Masters.


Conditions like where to place the bedroom, facing of the bed and remedies to Feng Shui Issues, has to be properly addressed.


After all the Feng Shui, YOU still have to put in effort to work on finding love or improving your current relationship.


There are no short cut and magic pill because Feng Shui requires the alignment of the environment energy, time and opportunity, as well as the human energy to bring about the result desired.  Meaning, your action is paramount to the success of your love and romance.


You still need pay attention to your partner’s needs and make effort to spend quality time together.


Like I say, Feng Shui is not a short cut or magic pill, but it definitely helps while you put in the effort, you will notice that communication and your “Luck” with the opposite sex will improve; your partner will be more receptive towards you and your love life will grow stronger with each passing day.