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About Master Max Liang

In my younger days I had a fair share of issues in life it led me to think why “life” is so unfair to me. I knew not that everything that happened is my own doing.

I started learning Face-reading, in year 2000 from books, just so to have an edge in my sales career.

Gradually, I noticed how it helped with my Sales and progressed to learn about Face-Reading in a more structured manner under tutelage.

Through the years, life and career did not improve until 2007, when my long-awaited child is born, she sets me off a process of learning and awakening that brought me to what I am today.

Having read her face, I realized that she inherited my inborn clairvoyance and I am determined to do something about it.

You see, this extra-sensory ability has created major obstacles in my life, modifying my behavior to an angry introverted self.

I then set off on a course of learning into metaphysics to find ways to solve both my child and my issue. It led me to Bazi, Yijing, Fengshui, Numerology and etc.

None gave me the solution that I deeply wanted until I decided on researching into Numerology. It took me a whole year but alas, I found it.

A sudden occurrence happened in 2009, I was awakened to a state of knowing and able to fully integrate all my knowledge and skillset.

The first message I received is to “Save Three Lives”, at first it is incomprehensible but gradually it made sense.

Face-reading was done with speed and accuracy, picking up cases whereby individuals need to seek medical advice immediately.

To date, more than a dozen individuals have heeded my advice to seek medical help before symptoms show and was treated in time.

In 2012, I created a Energy Feng Shui which incorporated energy manipulation into classical Feng Shui techniques.

In that same year, I set up Insights Life Mentor to provide Feng Shui and metaphysical consultation and a chance event required me to put into practical use.

The technique enabled a business owner in Malaysia to turn his business around in a month and subsequently increased their revenue hundreds fold to more than RM$20 Million over a period of 3 years.

Similar results have been replicated time and again by various clients who are compliant, and the differences and changes are felt in days.

I have thread this journey for more than a decade and still continue to research into other metaphysical techniques to further enhance their practical uses in my practice.

Coong Kin Ming, England, UKCoong Kin Ming, England, UK
I really don’t know much about Feng Shui and you have enlightened me to a new way of thinking.  You were extremely approachable and thorough during the consultation and your recommendations were easy to implement.   You have made a tremendous positive impact on my life.  Thank you for your knowledge and your guidance. 
Lee MckingLee Mcking
Master Max has provided much detailed information with regards to my poor health and offered consistent checks and updates to my health every time we meet! The advice he has offered allowed me to change myself, in terms of diet and exercise, and I have improved tremendously in general health and well-being. The insights he had provided were much needed for me. Thank you for your advice on health, Master Max.As a trainer in Yishu Insights, Master Max also went beyond the usual training and provided additional information by answering questions asked by the participants. The amount of work puts into providing the seminars by himself is astonishing! One can see that he truly wants to help people improve in all areas of their life, in health, career, relationship and more! No questions asked, Master Max gave me insights into my career and relationship on top of my original health concern. It has been an amazing and positively life-changing experience for the past 1 year since I known Master Max. Thank you for everything, Master Max!
Jason Liu XiaochenJason Liu Xiaochen
My perception of the world changed after attending the basic numerology class by Master Max. Not only have I understood how my day of birth defines my character. It also made me to see things differently, and understand myself to a deeper extent. Most importantly, it allows me to see the connection between myself and other people, and the world. It is a "totally worth it" experience! 
Cynthia Seah, Assistant Manager.Cynthia Seah, Assistant Manager.
I learn numerology from Master Max and I find it very interesting and easy to learn. The technique is very accurate and always spot on for the people I do a reading on. It is also a very useful tool to break the ice in a social environment.
Jen, Chen Mufeng , EngineerJen, Chen Mufeng , Engineer
Master Max's workshops are fun and interactive. He fills the classroom with energy and conducts his workshops in manner such that the participants can easily understand an otherwise difficult topic.He provides many examples, which we can easily relate to. Also, he teaches the workshops in such a way that we are able to walk away and apply what we have learnt in the workshops in our actual daily lives.
Dr. Marc Ferrer Calaunan B.Sc., D.C.Dr. Marc Ferrer Calaunan B.Sc., D.C.HEALING HANDS CHIROPRACTIC
I am writing to both endorse and recommend Max Liang of Insights Life Mentor as a provider of Fengshui to any organization and or individual seeking guidance and preparedness for success building. Max has gravitated my company in sales and energy. His guidance has allowed me to see clearly my setbacks are and brought forth what I needed to do to get me back to achieving what I set out to do. My colleagues/staff have been laudatory in their comments and feedback. Thank you Max for your superior service and results in my company.